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KIRAMS and WMBIO Signs Licensing Agreement

2019-07-11 10:46

KIRAMS and WMBIO Signs Licensing Agreement

Korea Institute of Radiological Medical Science(KIRAMS) has signed licensing agreement with Wellmarker Bio(WMBIO) to transfer two biomarkers for anti-cancer drug on July 10, 2019.
Biomarker is a biological indicator of our body. By finding out certain characteristics that incur cancer through the biomarker such as a molecule, DNA, and antibody, researchers can predict the drug response of the patients before administrating medication and diagnose incurable diseases in the early stage.

KIRAMS’ research team led by Dr. Park has found out a protein that controls the signaling substance in which pro liferates cancer cells and has found out a novel biomarker expressed in breast cancer. Based on the research, these biomarkers have shown the radioactive effect in treating cancers. It will be transferred to WMBIO to apply on their Research and Development for anti-cancer drugs. “Biomarker market is getting attention in the era of precision medicine. I hope this technology transfer could bring more benefit to the community”, said chairperson of KIRAM Mi-Sook Kim.

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