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WM-S1 Small molecule

As a representative anticancer drug for colon cancer patients, Erbitux is the EGFR
targeted therapeutic antibody and used for treatment of KRAS wild type (wt) colon cancer
patients.Even some patients with KRAS wt dose not respond to Erbitux. Currently, there is no
treatment available for Erbitux-resistant patient group with KRas wt, which is
almost 50% of KRAS wt gene holders.

Recently, our team identified Erbitux primary resistant related proteins named as CRG
(Cetuximab-resistant gene). We developed CRG target inhibitor, “WM-S1”. WM-S1 has potent
in vitro enzyme activity, high in vitro anti-cancer activity, and strong anti-cancer efficacy
in vivo xenograft models and patient-derived xenograft (PDX) model.

In addition, WM-S1 shows promising signs of overcoming Erbitux resistance through
cetuximab-resistant cells and xenograft model. We are also trying to develop small molecules
having highly potent activity, and these inhibitors would be a attractive therapeutic candidates.

WM-A1 Therapeutic Antibody

Lung cancer is second most common cancer in the world. Non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
accounts approximately 80~85% of all lung cancer cell diagnosis. Recently, to overcome
the critical points for chemotherapy many groups have studied immunotherapeutic approaches,
such as programmed cell-death protein 1(PD1) antibody.

However, rational use of these agents has been limited by the lack of a definitive
predictive biomarker. Therefore, we identified novel target, cancer immunotherapy related gene
(CMG). And we developed therapeutic antibody against CMG.CMG therapeutic antibody, WM-A1
has anticancer effects in liver and gastric cancers. Also WM-A1 has
immunotherapeutic effects in NSCLC.

In addition, in vivo efficacy of WM-A1 was assessed in mouse lung cancer cells-derived
syngeneic mouse model. In conclusion, WM-A1 can be promising therapeutic agents for NSCLC,
liver cancer, and gastric cancer.