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CEO Message

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With a hope to live a future world free from cancer, Wellmarker Bio
specializes in developing anticancer drugs based on predictive biomarkers.

Wellmarkerbio is a compound word of “well” and “biomarker”. Our innovative
science helps to fuel the success in developing a new paradigm on anticancer drugs.

We seek to develop a biomarker-based anticancer drug that can predict
the drug response before applied to a patient and we are composed of
researchers who are devoted to creating a threshold in anticancer drugs.

Dong Hoon Jin

A research-driven company with profound clinical data
With a goal of providing a personalized therapy that could overcome the limitations of the existing
targeted drugs, profound research experience and knowledge with sufficient hospital-based
clinical cases are all the more important. We have a number of fine experts in bio-research team
and specialized drug synthesis team supported by the Asan Medical Center, the largest hospital in Korea.

A company that is open to global research collaboration
On many occasions, “new drug development” can be said to be a “comprehensive art.” To
perform this “comprehensive art”, it requires an amazing storyline, stage setting, and above all,
a great actor. In the same way, WMBIO continues to make ceaseless effort on
developing new drugs by working together with global partners.

We will continue to strive in contributing to the healthy life of mankind.

Thank you.